Transcript: managing money

Managing money transcript

Francis: Personally I was always worrying about how much money I had in the bank. I just work as much as I can in the summer and save up.

Amy: I found working while studying is a really big benefit. There is only so much money you can get from the government. If you do need to work to study you’ve gotta make sure you get everything done before you go to work.

TC: If you’re thinking of going to do tertiary study, get onto your student allowance straight away so you get money coming in when you hit your first week of uni.

Shevaun: One of my biggest money worries was not having any money on placement as my part time job was only two weekdays. Dealing with that I sorta just had to do things that didn’t cost, yeah, just go without for a wee while.

Amy: Obviously the student lifestyle has quite a social aspect. I had a week that I spent all of my money in town. I ended up having to hand wash my clothes in a bucket with some soap. I lived off rice and sweet chilli sauce for a week and I pretty much just didn’t do anything for that entire week.

Francis: During my first year because I was in a hall, they’re covering heating, your food, electricity, water, whatnot. If your hall covers all the necessities that you need to survive down there then you shouldn’t find yourself needing to pay extra money for things that are already being covered.

Shannon: My advice for saving money is that sometimes living off two-minute noodles, if that’s what you gotta do that’s what you have to do.

Updated 9 Sep 2016