Transcript: choosing a course

Choosing a course transcript

TC: I ended up staying up here in the Tasman region just because of my road work commitments and so the applied fitness course complemented well.

Amy: When I first finished high school I was one of these people that wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do.

Shevaun: Before applying for my course at university to teach, I did have second thoughts about doing real estate. But then once I really thought about it I have never wanted to do real estate, whereas teaching I have always wanted.

Amy: I ended up going to Wellington and doing the animal care and husbandry course. I as an animal lover found it really hard and I ended up coming home from placement absolutely distraught. And so I thought I can’t do this – not right now.

Shannon: I considered studying mechanical engineering to continue on from my previous experience, however knowing the market and what the jobs are like I decided to study civil.

Amy: I ended up deciding to do the Travel and Tourism course. I had a day at a travel agency, absolutely hated it.

Francis: Apart from applying down south, I also considered applying up in Auckland, which is just specific for music production. I also considered taking a gap year and working and just sticking around here in Nelson, but I kinda just thought that I’d lose motivation.

TC: I was thinking of going to Otago University for PE as a lot of my friends were also going down there so it was enticing me quite a bit.

Shannon: Choose something you’re passionate about. It’s not gonna feel like a chore.

Francis: I was in a hall this year and I met a lot of people thinking about the outcome in terms of how much money they’re going to make in getting future jobs, and a lot of them pulled out of their courses because they weren’t enjoying them at all.

TC: I want you to make sure you choose a course that you’re really interested in.

Amy: And … decided to look into marketing and business, so here I am. I’m doing a Bachelor of Commerce with a degree in Marketing and loving it.

Updated 9 Sep 2016