Transcript: Francis Hailes-Paku – music student

Francis Hailes-Paku – Music student

Gidday, my name’s Francis and I’m studying music at Otago University. Through the process of applying for my course, apart from just enrolling yourself online and choosing all your papers and whatnot, I had to go down and actually audition in front of two people.

I’d never done anything like it before; it was really clichéd though. You just, you’re just in front of a small group of people and you just do your thing and then they say stop and do a little talk through about why you want to study music and whatnot and then that’s it.

Other than that, I was, I was pretty nervous but it was cool: I like the idea of it.

Being at a university, especially in a city like Dunedin you will meet a lot of cool people and interesting characters, you’ll make new friends, you’ll meet some people that you just never thought you’d meet in your life and they turn out to be your best mate.

Meeting new people is definitely, definitely one of the best things about being at university.

One of the things that I really don’t like about the whole thing is that you just don’t have money and you feel like why didn’t I take a gap year, work save up then go travelling and come to university.

Personally if you’re studying music, tips for that is definitely keep practising and don’t fall behind with time management because assessments just creep up.

Not to entirely fixed on one idea of what I want to do after I’ve completed my years at university, but I have a really large passion for music but I also do film making for a hobby and it’s a big interest of mine. Other than that I like music production and I’ve always wanted to work in studios, possibly even just continually just release music in my own time just ‘cos it’s my passion, you know I love doing what I’m doing.

Who knows I might change my mind, and do something completely different; something might pop up.

Updated 9 Sep 2016