Transcript: Shannon Hope – civil engineering student

Shannon Hope – civil engineering student

Hi my name is Shannon and I’m studying the NZ Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Yes, so when I was in school I didn’t know I wanted to study civil engineering so I didn’t cater my subjects for it. I just chose whatever I found interesting.

One course in particular was technical graphics which helps me with my drawing classes, and it’s definitely given me the right step towards this diploma.

In high school I didn’t like maths and I would never see myself pursuing a career in maths however getting the job outside of high school I had to do this study as a requirement of the job and so I kinda fell in love with it while doing it.

A typical day could be equal parts studying and equal parts writing assignments. A lot of the courses, reports and study you’ve got to do calculations so it’s very time consuming especially if you get something wrong you need to do it again until you can figure it out.

Mainly the experience, gaining experience of sites and how they work and operate.

Finding the perfect study - work - life balance is quite hard but it’s important to make time for leisure.

An example, I like to play board games with my friends or just watch T.V. Separate study from actual leisure.

Soon we’re going for a site visit to do a site investigation to gather soil samples and determine if a soil is okay to build on.

Don’t be discouraged if you find things really difficult. It’s engineering of course it’s going to be difficult. If you persevere and keep studying and put in 100% in it you’re sure to get it.

And civil engineering when you’re designing roads and bridges or some developments, know what you’re designing is actually going to be put to use and it’s actually going to benefit people. It’s a good feeling that you’re doing something that counts, and it’s helping people.

Updated 9 Sep 2016