Transcript: Shevaun Collier – education student

Shevaun Collier – education student

Tena koe. Ko Shevaun ko toku ingoa, no whakatu ahau.

I had always wanted to become a teacher. It had always been in my mind that I wanted to teach younger children.

I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted to study straight out of school so I decided that I would go to England and work in England as a gap student where I could teach students as well as travel.

I think it’s definitely not the type of course that you would just "oh I need something to do" sort of thing, it’s definitely something you need to have your mind set on.

It’s definitely a challenge, you definitely have to push yourself.

I think most of what’s carried me through this year has been outside of school. Especially through placements, it’s been more like confidence and relationship building. It’s a lot more than just what you know through education, it’s also about the type of person that you are and how you mix and mingle with the children and things like that.

So the best part of studying so far for me definitely would have been my placements. Just being able to be in the classroom and being involved with the students.

A highlight of that would have been taking a class and actually watching the students click to something that you’ve taught, and they sort of make comments like, "oh that was really cool" and "oh that was so awesome, I didn’t know that before" and it really makes you feel good that you’ve actually changed that for them.

Updated 9 Sep 2016