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Dates of Work Connect webinars and workshops

The Work Connect team holds one-day webinars and workshops in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.


We will hold online webinars on the following dates.

Daytime webinars:

December 2021

  • Saturday 11th December 

January 2022

  • Wednesday 19th January 
  • Saturday 22nd January 

Evening webinars:

December 2021

  • Tuesday 14th December 
  • Wednesday 15th December 

January 2022

  • Wednesday 12th January 

  • Thursday 13th January 

  • Tuesday 25th January 

  • Wednesday 26th January 

In-person workshops will be on hold during the COVID-19 level 3 and 4 lockdowns.

Auckland workshops

Hamilton workshops

Wellington workshops

Christchurch workshops

For more information, please email

Updated 9 Dec 2021