Who is eligible for Work Connect

You may be eligible for Work Connect if you are a migrant who:

  • is in New Zealand
  • has lived in New Zealand for less than seven years
  • fits one of the categories below.

Migrants who may be eligible for Work Connect

1. Skilled Migrants who are unemployed or underemployed (in employment that does not match their skills and qualifications)

2. Partners of a New Zealand citizen, who are themselves on a Work or Resident Visa

3. Partners and adult children (aged 18-24) of:

  • Skilled Migrants
  • or higher-skilled and mid-skilled 3-to-5-year Essential Skills Visa holders
  • or Work to Residence Visa holders

4 Partners of Post-graduate international students

5. Graduate international students - Level 7 and above:

  • who are in their last six months of study
  • or are on a Post-Study Work Visa
  • or who are Principal Migrants who held a Post-Study Work Visa after completing a Level 7 qualification in New Zealand, but returned to post-graduate study due to not finding satisfactory, sustainable employment.

6. Migrants who have recently returned to New Zealand, who:

  • have a Resident Visa
  • have not worked in New Zealand for the last five years

7. Special circumstances clients - Australian citizens and residents who:

  • don’t need a visa to live and work in New Zealand
  • have lived in New Zealand for less than seven years.


We have extended our eligibility criteria and are working on our registration form.

If you are a migrant and think you may qualify for our Work Connect programme, you can also email us at workconnect@tec.govt.nz

If you don't qualify for our Work Connect programme, find out how you can talk to a career expert and get  free career advice. 

Updated 8 Nov 2021