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Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intent 2013/14 to 2015/16

Murray Ward

For New Zealand’s economy to be internationally competitive, New Zealanders must be gaining higher qualifications, raising their skill levels and competently managing their careers. They need to be reaching their potential, effectively matching their career interests and abilities with the needs of businesses and industry.

However, New Zealand has high youth unemployment and a shortage of people with critical job skills. This reflects global trends. Contributing to this are unacceptable rates of youth not achieving the basic qualifications that are the foundation for higher skills.

The cost of not being in education, employment, and training is high for individuals, their families and for the country. For a single cohort of youth in this situation, the estimated one to three year costs in forgone earnings and to public finances exceed $2 billion. Multiply this over time by waves of young people in this situation and the costs are enormous.

Our national prosperity depends on a workforce with skills matching the increasing demands of business. To support this we need an excellent careers system. As government’s centre of careers expertise, Careers New Zealand is pivotal in knitting the fragmented careers system together. Working across the education, social services, employment, and economic development sectors is now part of Careers New Zealand’s core business. Careers New Zealand connects educators and industries through a programme of Career Capable Communities and Career Networks to improve matching of labour skills supply and demand.

Over the last three years, Careers New Zealand has transformed its business model from focusing on one-on-one, high-cost interventions to achieving a wider reach though its website with 3.5 million New Zealand-based visits a year. The information, resources and support are designed to help people be confident, competent, self-managing career decision-makers.

The team at Careers New Zealand has a challenging but exciting year ahead where the fruits of the new business model will gain momentum and recognition in communities around New Zealand.

Murray Ward
Board Chair
Careers New Zealand