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Find job suggestions based on YOUR interests.


What is CareerQuest

CareerQuest is a great tool that recommends jobs based on your actual interests. Keep all your favourite jobs in one place and compare them.

CareerQuest helps people discover jobs through an online questionnaire. It analyses people’s interest in different types of work, and matches these interests to more than 400 job outlines on the Careers New Zealand website.

CareerQuest guide for teachers and practitioners

CareerQuest lets you:

  • find job suggestions based on YOUR interests
  • change your answers to get different results
  • save your results to My Career Portfolio
  • create a favourites list quickly and easily in My Career Portfolio
  • compare jobs in your favourites list
  • print your results.


CareerQuest does not:

  • pass or fail you.
  • suggest jobs you MUST do.
  • predict how good you’ll be.