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Water/​Waste Water Treatment Operator

Kaiwhakamahi Whakapai Wai (Paru)

Water/waste water treatment operators operate water and waste water treatment plants and equipment. They control the process that treats rain, ground and river water so it reaches an acceptable standard for human and industrial use. They also control the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste water.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1 year

Water/waste water treatment operators usually earn
$40K-$70K per year

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Energy and Chemical Plant Operator

Kaiwhakahaere Rawa Pūngao, Rawa Matū

Energy and chemical plant operators monitor, control, and adjust equipment at gas plants, oil wells, and power stations to make sure they are functioning safely and efficiently.

Job opportunities

New energy and chemical plant operators usually earn
$50K-$70K per year

Energy and chemical plant operators with five or more years' experience usually earn
$80K-$100K per year