Act on your career plans

Find tips on putting your career plans into action.

Take action on your career decision

Find out how to achieve your career goal, with a plan and support.

What study costs and how to fund it

Find out what tertiary study costs, and how you could pay for it.

How to apply for study, apprenticeships or training

Follow these steps on how to apply for tertiary study or on-the-job training, including apprenticeships.

NCEA credits needed for study, apprenticeships and training

Find out what NCEA credits you need to enter tertiary study or on-the-job training, including apprenticeships and defence, police and firefighter roles.

Left school without NCEA?

Left school with no NCEA? Here's what to do.

Credit work or learning towards a qualification

Find out how you can get prior learning or experience credited towards a particular qualification.

How to improve your literacy and numeracy

Find out how you can improve your reading, writing, language, and maths skills.

Returning to work after a gap

Find out how to return to paid work or change your career after a gap.

Get the best start for your study

Get tips on how to best prepare for your study.

Get the best start for your job

Find out what to do before you start work, and in your first days in your new role.

Updated 20 Jun 2019