Should my son follow his dad's advice and go to university?

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Continuing our Q & A series – answering questions from parents about their children's work and learning choices.

Impress employers with your strong thinking skills

Thinking skills

Find out how to let employers know you have great thinking skills by showing them that you can solve problems, form opinions and have new ideas.

Should you put communication skills on your CV?

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Stand out from the crowd with different ways of showing employers you have good communication skills.

Making young people more employable

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Tips on helping young people develop employability skills so they have better employment opportunities.

How to show your positive attitude to employers

Employability skills positive attitude

Employers say they like to hire people with positive attitudes. They rate this employability skill so highly that you have a good chance of getting a job if you’re enthusiastic, even if you don’t quite have the required experience.

Help your teen choose a career they'll love

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Learn about the top 10 questions to ask when having a career chat with your teen

Right subject choice key to career opportunities

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Find out how to support young people making decisions about what to study.

Why are these seven skills so important to employers?

Employability skills

How do some people get jobs over others? We tell you about the seven employability skills employers want to see that will get you ahead of the rest.

Website updates

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From 22 June to 31 August we will be making rolling changes to our website,, including improvements to our suite of free online career planning tools and decommissioning some tools.

How can you get experience without a job?

Q & A with Careers NZ

Discover 10 ways for young people without a job to get the kind of experience employers like.