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Spotlight on a career theory

Krumboltz two women talking

Applying Krumboltz’s theory of planned happenstance can help your clients turn chance events into opportunities.

How to use your banking skills after automation

woman talking to a customer

Get ready to move into a higher-skilled role or a different business sector if your banking job gets automated. 

Raukawa Paama – plumbing apprentice


Raukawa Paama talks about her plumbing apprenticeship and why she thinks more women should get into a trade.

How to get a job after prison or a criminal conviction

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Tips for finding work if you have a criminal record.

5 surprising careers in construction

Two smiling construction workers who are women

Here are five jobs in construction that could change your ideas about the industry.  

Career skills you learn as a parent

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Employers value parenting skills.

Job of the month – quantity surveyor

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Download an infographic exploring key facts about quantity surveyors to share with your clients and learners.

From parent to worker – how to manage the change

A father looks at a laptop while holding a child on his lap

Tips on how to return to work after time spent parenting.

How to get a job with gaps in your CV

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What to do if you’re applying for a job but have breaks in your paid work.