MyQ is closed

MyQ was a survey of recent New Zealand graduates to find out how satisfied they were with their qualification.

The survey results were published on the MyQ website for learners and their whānau .

The MyQ website will close in June 2021 for the following reasons.

The number of people completing surveys has been decreasing:

  • 7,606 people in 2017
  • 146 in 2018
  • 45 in 2019
  • no one in 2020/2021.

Other reasons to close MyQ:

  • the information is expiring and there isn't enough new information to replace it
  • changes within the tertiary education system
  • universities hadn't signed up to be part of MyQ.

Information about tertiary qualifications

Other ways to get tertiary qualification information:

  • contact tertiary education providers directly
  • visit tertiary education providers’ websites
  • search online for international university comparisons that include New Zealand universities
  • use the Key Information for Students on this website.