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  • Property Services | Ratonga Rawa

    Property services may be for you if you are interested in:

    • property trends and values
    • buildings and how they are built
    • working with others, including clients, tradespeople or building professionals
    • sales, negotiating, planning and problem-solving
    • making calculations and preparing estimates, valuations, quotes or budgets.

  • Tourism | Tāpoitanga

    Tourism may be for you if you are interested in:

    • New Zealand, other countries and tourist destinations
    • working with people from a range of countries and cultures
    • customer service and sales
    • guiding, leading, instructing and motivating people to do outdoor recreation activities
    • using planning and organisational skills.

  • Career Kete: Explore and Compare

    Explore and Compare helps students in years 9-10 to make subject choices through a process of learning and career planning.

  • Kiwi Cards

    A resource to use with Year 7 to 9 students to teach them more about the world of work. The cards can be used for icebreakers, games, classroom and individual activities.

  • Manu tukutuku poster - English

    Let me soar to the heavens so I may reach my potential.

  • Myths and the curriculum

    Workshops based on kōrero pūrākau can be incorporated in to a range of learning areas. Here are some examples of how a workshop on kōrero pūrākau can link to The New Zealand Curriculum.

  • How Māui Got his Name/Ka Tapaina a Māui

    A plot summary of the legend How Maui Got His Name, as well as links to the full story and classroom activities.

  • Career development benchmarks

    The career development benchmarks are a suite of self-review tools designed to raise the quality of career development in New Zealand. Learn how you can use the benchmarks and supporting resources to assess and improve your career development programmes and services.

  • Understanding Career Education in Years 7 and 8 handbook

    Download a guide outlining the most appropriate approaches to career education for students at Year 7 and 8.