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Job search results

Environmental/​Public Health Officer

Āpiha Hauora Taiao/​Pāpori

Environmental/public health officers investigate, monitor, assess and advise on food and alcohol safety, disease prevention, disease outbreaks, and environmental hazards such as pollution.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Graduate environmental/public health officers usually earn
$48K-$70K per year

Experienced environmental/public health officers usually earn
$55K-$85K per year


Kaiparuauru Kerepe

Viticulturists grow and harvest grapes from grapevines, and manage vineyards.

Job opportunities

Vineyard workers and supervisors usually earn
$48K-$53K per year

Vineyard managers and viticulturists usually earn
$63K-$128K per year

Professional Sportsperson

Kaiwhakataetae Ngaio

Professional sportspeople take part in competitive national and international sports such as rugby, football, cricket, netball, golf, tennis and horse racing.

Job opportunities

Pay for professional sportspeople varies depending on the sport, the individual's ability, and their performance.

Orchard Farmer/​Manager

Kaipāmu Uru Hua Rākau/​Kaiwhakahaere Uru Hua Rākau

Orchard farmers/managers plan and manage fruit and nut production in orchards.

Job opportunities

Orchard farmers/managers with up to five years' experience usually earn
$55K-$110K per year

Orchard farmers/managers working for large organisations usually earn
$120K-$180K per year

Dairy Herd Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Māpu Kau

Dairy herd managers run daily dairy farming operations such as feeding and milking cows, monitoring animal health and environmental management.

Job opportunities

Assistant dairy herd managers usually earn
$48K-$88K per year

Experienced dairy herd managers usually earn
$51K-$90K per year