CareerQuest FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about CareerQuest.

How to do the CareerQuest quiz

Do I need to create an account to do CareerQuest?

No. To start the basic version of the quiz you can click on ‘start without signing in’ at the bottom of the CareerQuest page. However, you won’t be able to save or share your results, or create a list of favourite jobs.

Can I save my CareerQuest results and favourites? 

Yes. You need to have an account to save your results and favourites, and you must be signed in before you begin the CareerQuest quiz. 

Are my CareerQuest results private?

We will not sell, rent or lease your personal information, or disclose it to anyone except in accordance with our privacy statement and the Privacy Act 1993.

Can I skip questions and still get a result?

No. You need to answer all the questions to get a result. Your progress is automatically saved as you go so you can take a break from the quiz and return to the same question later.

Can I share my CareerQuest results and favourites?

Yes. You need to have an account to do this. You can view your results by clicking on CareerQuest in ‘My tools’, then download or email a PDF of your results and favourites.

Can I delete my CareerQuest results and start again?

Yes. Click the ‘Restart CareerQuest’ button at the top right of the screen. This will delete your progress and results and you can start the quiz from the beginning.

What does neutral mean?

Neutral means you’re not sure about this kind of work, or you neither like nor dislike it. If you choose neutral all the time it makes it harder for CareerQuest to suggest careers you might like. 

What does no interest do?

If you choose no interest it will remove jobs that include key tasks that you’re not interested in. If you want to keep your options open, choose neutral rather than no interest.

Results and next steps

How does CareerQuest choose jobs for me?

CareerQuest matches the tasks in the questions to tasks in particular jobs. For example, if you answer 'How interested are you in work that involves animal care?' with 'very interested', CareerQuest will suggest jobs where you work with animals. 

Does CareerQuest find ideal jobs for me?

CareerQuest finds careers for you based on how you answered the questions. Click on the jobs CareerQuest has suggested and find out more about them.

  • Do these jobs match your personality, abilities and interests?
  • Do these jobs have future opportunities or skill shortages?

CareerQuest is just the start of choosing a career. 

I've got a job in mind that hasn't been suggested. Why is that?

This could happen because:

  • we may not have that exact job in our database – try using different search terms to see if you can find something similar
  • you may have answered no interest to questions that are key tasks for that job.

Does CareerQuest tell me what I will be good at?

No. CareerQuest suggests jobs based on what you say you’re interested in or not. Neutral will count as an interest. 

For example, if you answer fairly interested to working with food and drink and neutral to diet and nutrition, you will get dietitian and chef suggested to you even if you can only make toast.

How do I use my CareerQuest results to choose a career?

Now you have your results, mark your favourite jobs by clicking on the heart symbol. Click on the job titles to find information on pay, what you will do, job opportunities and training. Start to make a list of jobs that seem right for you.

What next after CareerQuest?

You might like to:

  • create a list of favourite jobs by clicking on the heart symbol
  • save your results and favourites so you can come back to them at any time
  • share your results and favourites with a career adviser, teacher or family member to get advice
  • talk and make plans with our career advisers on 0800 601 301.

Updated 9 Oct 2019