Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about CareerQuest

Questions about how to work the CareerQuest quiz

Click on the 'Start now' button on the CareerQuest page.
No. You can just click on 'Start now'. However, you need to register for a My Career Portfolio account if you want to save your results.

Yes. You need to have a My Career Portfolio account to save your results.

We will not sell, rent or lease your personal information, or disclose it to anyone except in accordance with our Privacy Policy and with the Privacy Act 1993.
No. You need to answer all the questions to get a result. You can take a break from the quiz – click on 'Save progress' to save your place on the quiz.
Yes. You need to have a My Career Portfolio account to do this. You can then log in to your My Career Portfolio home page, find your saved CareerQuest results under 'Completed activities', and email them to others.
To change your answer to a question while doing the quiz, click on the 'Previous question' button. To change your answers when you have finished the quiz, click on the 'Edit answers' button.
Yes. If you are not logged into My Career Portfolio, close the CareerQuest page, then reopen it and start again. If you are logged in, you can go to your home page and delete your results from the 'Completed activities' section.
When you choose 'neutral' as an answer, it means that this kind of work is something you are not sure about – or that you neither like nor dislike it. If you are not sure, click on 'Tell me more' to find out about this type of work. If you choose 'neutral' all the time it makes it harder for CareerQuest to suggest careers you might like.

Questions about getting results and next steps

You might like to: * save your results so you can come back to them at any time * get advice from a career adviser, teacher or family member * talk and make plans with our career advisers on 0800 222 733.
CareerQuest finds careers for you based on how you answered the questions. Read about the jobs that CareerQuest has suggested. Do these jobs match your personality, abilities, and interests? Do these jobs have a future? CareerQuest is just the start to choosing a career.
CareerQuest suggests jobs based on your interests. It matches the tasks in the questions to tasks in particular jobs. For example, if you answer the question 'How interested are you in work that involves animal care?' with 'very interested', CareerQuest will suggest jobs where you work with animals.
CareerQuest suggests jobs based on how you answered the questions. Check the questions you answered 'neutral' to. 'Neutral' will count as an interest. For example, if you answer 'neutral' to the question about whether you are interested in diet and nutrition, and 'fairly interested' to the question about working with food and drink, you will get dietitian and chef suggested to you. If you don't want to be a dietitian, but you want to cook or bake, you would go back and answer 'not interested' to the question about diet and nutrition.
This could happen for any of these reasons: *We may not have that job in our database. *You may have answered 'no interest' to questions that are key tasks for that job. *That job is not in your top 100 results. This means the job tasks are different from what you are actually interested in.
The green bars show how strongly this job matches your interests. The darker the colour and the longer the line, the better the job matches your interests.
Now that you have your results, mark the jobs you are interested in as favourites. Click on the job titles to find information on pay, what you will do, the availability of work, and training. Start to make a list of the jobs that seem right for you.