Our people

Find out about Careers New Zealand's leadership team and staff.

Careers New Zealand employs an ethnically diverse workforce that aims to reflect the diversity of the New Zealand population. Our thorough recruitment processes ensure that we select the best people to provide career advice and support to all New Zealanders.

We have a network of qualified career development consultants in locations around the country, from Kaitaia to Dunedin. Our career advisers are available to answer questions via our 0800 advice line five days a week. Our consultants and advisers come from a range of backgrounds, including teaching, counselling and working as school career advisers.

Our online content developers are skilled in interviewing, researching and writing content for the web to ensure that our website has the most up-to-date content about jobs, study and training options available in New Zealand.

Professional workforce

Our people come to Careers New Zealand with a range of relevant experience and qualifications. Capability standards have been set for each role. We provide exceptional professional development opportunities for our staff so they are continually growing their knowledge and expertise.

We develop individual learning and development programmes to support career development goals for our staff.

Our consultants and advisors are also supported to meet the appropriate membership criteria of the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ).


Our senior leadership team is made up of a group of leaders with a range of backgrounds in corporate services, information systems and service delivery.

Careers New Zealand is governed by a board which reports to the Minister of Education. The board is responsible for governing the organisation and setting the strategic direction for the organisation. It includes members with a cross-section of experience in the school and tertiary education sectors, business, industry, community development organisations and Māori issues.

Updated 7 Dec 2016