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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our job opportunities information may be out of date. We'll start our updates again as soon as possible.

About this site

Find Careers New Zealand's site map and access keys, and learn how you can use our material.

Access keys

This page contains shortcut keys that will take you to commonly used pages, such as the home page, or fields such as the search box. Access keys are primarily used by screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Terms and conditions - terms of use and copyright

Details of Careers New Zealand's terms of use, including our legal disclaimer and copyright policies.

Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to personal and other information collected on the website

Careers NZ and industries API overview

Find out how to access job and industry information through the API (application program interface).

Site map

A list of links to the main sections of our website.

Updated 13 Aug 2018