7 ways to fund your study

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Lack of funds holding you back from study? Check these ideas.

Want to enrol in a course, but worried about funding it? Here are seven ideas to help.


Apply for scholarships

Scholarships may:

  • pay your course fees
  • give you money
  • provide benefits such as free entry to a conference where you can network with employers.

Every year, some scholarships aren't paid out because people haven't applied for them.

Taking time to apply for scholarships can be an investment in your financial future, as some scholarships are worth thousands of dollars a year. 

Find out about Fees Free

Fees Free is for first-time learners. If you’re doing tertiary study or training for the first time, you may be eligible for the equivalent of one year's study to two years’ training, paid through the Fees Free initiative.

Consider an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are available for many jobs including hairdressing, flower arranging, crane operation, panel beating and shearing.

You learn and earn as you work so you don't need a student loan.

Find out more about apprenticeships.

You can see all the occupations with apprenticeships in the "New Zealand Apprenticeships Register" on the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) website.

Apprenticeship Boost will support employers with related costs until 2023.

Ask your employer if they can support you

If you're already in a job, and would like to progress, consider talking to your manager about your future career goals, as they may be able to support you.

If your goals fit with the organisation's, your manager may be able to offer:

  • new work in the field you want to progress in
  • time off to study
  • payment of your fees.

Find out about targeted support

You might be eligible for financial and other support from targeted schemes. See if you're eligible for one of these schemes:

Work and Income has these funds to support people to train or work:

See if you are eligible for student loans and allowances

See if you're eligible for StudyLink:

Other ways to fund your study

Consider if you could:

Updated 29 Aug 2023