Kickstart your career journey with an organisation that's right for you

WOW Trade Me Mike Berry

If, like Mike Berry, you struggle to work out what you want to do, you can read about the steps he took to solve his dilemma and land a super special technical role as delivery manager with Trade Me Motors. 

We answer the top five questions parents have about NCEA

1200x800 common questions from parents

As a parent you are likely to be new to the world of NCEA and there’s no denying there’s a lot to learn! Read on – we’re answering the top five NCEA questions we receive from parents.

Help your teen choose a career they'll love

QA Newsletter Graphic v4 04

Learn about the top 10 questions to ask when having a career chat with your teen

Don’t let New Year’s resolutions freak you out!

New Years Goals 2018

The start of a New Year always fires us up – we make resolutions and share them with others. Find out how to keep the enthusiasm going past January.

One day I had a dream... and work experience got me one step closer

Porchers Marsters

Porchers Marsters’ dynamic video application of how she’d love to help the next generation build a better future won her a day’s work experience with Robett Hollis, an entrepreneurial giant in the media, tech and startup world.

7 careers with a promising future

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Computers are revolutionising the world of work, so it’s important to choose a career that will survive their impact.

Should my son follow his dad's advice and go to university?

Question and Answer with Careers New Zealand graphic

Continuing our Q & A series – answering questions from parents about their children's work and learning choices.

Right subject choice key to career opportunities

A teacher talks to two students at a computer desk in a library

Find out how to support young people making decisions about what to study.

I don't know what jobs are out there

QA Newsletter Graphic v4 02

Some ideas on how to make an action plan for young people to kick-start their career journey towards the jobs of the future.

What skills do employers really want from young people?

Q&A with Careers NZ

Tips on how to develop employability skills that will increase job opportunities for young people in the future world of work.