How to make an online job hunting profile

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How to create an online job hunting profile that highlights your skills and experience to potential employers.

There are different options for setting up an online profile depending on what kind of job you want.

Tips for creating a job hunting profile

When you’re creating a job hunting profile online it’s important to think of it as a CV.

  • Highlight the skills you have to offer.
  • Use a headshot photo that looks professional.
  • Include contact information.
  • Check for spelling and other errors.
  • Use a professional email address such as
  • If you need to create a username keep it professional.
  • Keep your profile updated regularly.

Getting started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great option for most people. LinkedIn is a social media network that spotlights your experience and connects you with professional groups and businesses.

Having a profile can be a useful tool in your job hunting kit, but with so many people using LinkedIn the challenge is to make yourself stand out.

When you’re setting up a LinkedIn profile it’s important to focus on the photo, headline and summary at the top of the page to catch the attention of employers and recruiters.

Start your own website

Setting up your own website is easy, with many free and paid services available that can help you create a professional looking website.

The benefit of having your own website is you can decide what to include on it and how you want it to look.

Setting up your own website requires more skill and effort than setting up a profile on social networking or portfolio websites.

Creative portfolios

If you’re trying to get started in a creative industry, such as video production or photography, it’s a good idea to have an online portfolio that shows off your work.

As well as being searchable online, you can include a link to your portfolio in your CV and cover letter so employers can easily view your work.

Company career hubs

Many large employers have career hubs you can sign up for. Through these hubs you can set up a profile that includes your CV and be notified when jobs become available.

If there are specific companies you would like to work for visit their website to see if they have a career hub you can sign up to.

Updated 29 Oct 2020