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Street/​Park Cleaner

Kaitahitahi Papa Rēhia/​Huarahi

Alternative titles for this job

Street/park cleaners clean and maintain public areas such as streets, parks and buildings.


Street/park cleaners usually earn

$23-$26 per hour

Source: City Care, 2020.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a street/park cleaner are poor due to low turnover and a small number of positions.


Pay for street/park cleaners varies depending on experience and the type of work they do.

Street/park cleaners usually earn between minimum wage and $26 an hour. 

Source: City Care, 2020.

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What you will do

Street/park cleaners may do some or all of the following:

  • collect rubbish and empty bins
  • sweep and clean paved areas, by hand or with a streetsweeper vehicle
  • clean restrooms and other public facilities
  • mow lawns and take care of gardens
  • clear gutters and unblock drains
  • clean and maintain tools, equipment and vehicles.

Skills and knowledge

Street/park cleaners need to have knowledge of:

  • how to use and maintain tools and equipment
  • how to operate vehicles, including streetsweepers
  • health and safety regulations
  • environmental standards.

Working conditions

Street/park cleaners:

  • Usually do shift work that may include nights, early mornings and weekends
  • work in public areas in the community
  • work in all weather conditions, and in messy or smelly conditions.

Entry requirements

To become a street/park cleaner, you usually need to have a Class 1 driver's licence.

If you drive streetsweeper trucks, you need to have:

  • a Class 2 driver's licence
  • previous experience driving trucks.

Secondary education

There are no specific secondary education requirements to become a street/park cleaner.

Personal requirements

Street/park cleaners need to be:

  • able to work alone
  • organised
  • reliable and hardworking.

Useful experience

Useful experience for street/park cleaners includes:

  • driving heavy vehicles
  • cleaning
  • any work involving manual labour.

Physical requirements

Street/park cleaners need to have a good level of fitness. They also need to have good eyesight (with or without corrective lenses) if they operate vehicles.

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What are the chances of getting a job?

Few opportunities for street/park cleaners

Opportunities for street/park cleaners are limited because:

  • people tend to stay in the role for a long time, so vacancies are rare
  • the occupation is declining.

According to the Census, 177 street/park cleaners worked in New Zealand in 2018.

Types of employers varied

Street/park cleaners may work for:

  • private companies that have contracts with local or central government
  • city councils.


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Progression and specialisations

Street/park cleaners may progress to set up their own business, or move into management roles.

Street/park cleaner operates a yellow streetsweeping truck to clean gutters

Street/park cleaners clean streets by hand or with streetsweeping trucks

Last updated 3 April 2023