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Geospatial Specialist

Ngaio Papa Whenua

This job is sometimes referred to by alternative titles

Geospatial specialists gather, combine, analyse and use geographic and spatial (location-based) information. They present this information in user-friendly formats such as maps and 3D models, and may also develop geospatial software.


Entry-level geospatial specialists usually earn

$45K-$65K per year

Senior geospatial specialists usually earn

$70K-$120K per year

Source: SIBA and LINZ, 2015.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities for geospatial specialists are good due to a shortage of workers.
Person using geospatial 3D model

Geospatial analysts present geographic data in 3D models (Photo: Daniel Leithinger on Flickr)

Last updated 1 June 2017