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Health and Safety Inspector

Kaimātai Hauora-Haumaru

Health and safety inspectors assess workplaces and work activities to determine if employers are keeping workers and other people safe and healthy at work. They also educate people about health and safety, investigate accidents and lead prosecutions.


Trainee and newly warranted health and safety inspectors usually earn

$61K-$66K per year

Fully trained health and safety inspectors with at least five years' experience usually earn

$76K-$93K per year

Source: WorkSafe New Zealand, 2017.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a health and safety inspector are poor, as staff turnover is low and a limited number of trainees are accepted each year.
A health and safety inspector talks with a worker

Health and safety inspectors assess workplaces to make sure workers are kept healthy and safe

Last updated 12 July 2018