Travel Agent/​Adviser

Māngai Whakarite Haerenga/​Kaitohutohu Whakarite Haerenga

This job is sometimes referred to by alternative titles

Travel agents/advisers make travel arrangements and bookings for clients, and provide information about tourism attractions. They may sell airline tickets, book accommodation, tours and attractions, do ticketing, and process payments.


Travel agents/advisers with one to five years' experience usually earn

$33K-$45K per year

Senior travel agents/advisers with more than five years’ experience usually earn

$46K-$100K per year

Source: Statistics New Zealand, ‘2013 Census’, 2014, (www.stats

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a travel agent/adviser are average due to stable numbers in a competitive industry.
Jessica Strawbridge points to a destination in a travel brochure

Travel agents and advisers need a good knowledge of the travel industry

Last updated 7 March 2017