Māia video series

Go behind the scenes to get tips on the skills you need to succeed in awesome Māori businesses.

The Māia video series goes behind the scenes of inspiring Māori businesses to find out their stories, and get tips on the skills needed to impress employers and score a job!

Becoming a techie

Watch how Robett Hollis uses his passions and interests to make him a successful entrepreneur, and how Paula at Local and Loyal developed resilience while creating her business app.

Fishing for a new career?

With a positive attitude and willingness to learn, Moana NZ shows the skills that could help you become a future CEO.

Dentistry with a smile

Learn how Scott Waghorn at Dentalcare West uses empathy and a great attitude to be a successful dentist.

Be Hapī in hospo

"Qualifications aren’t always necessary" - the Hapī Cafe team talk about the skills you need for a career in hospo.

How to win in fashion

See how teamwork, communication and on-the-job training help turn whānau values into fashion success with Aroha and Friends.

Dream water job

The Whanganui River Tours team talk about their Māori roots, and their love for a job where they can be themselves and get paid to work on the river.

Nail or fail a job interview

Awa, Taniwha and Paerangi have all been selected for a job interview. Who will nail it and who will fail it? Watch and learn to see how you can nail your next interview.

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