Bachelor of Social Work

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

Subject area

Social Work

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Entry requirements

1. Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Social Work shall before enrolment have:
a. satisfied all the normal requirements for entry to the Institute.
b. demonstrated likely suitability for the social work profession informed by the New Zealand Social Workers Registration Board "Fit and Proper Person" policy.
c. provided permission for BTI to request a copy of Police Clearance communication. (A further request is required after three years.)
d. met the requirements for University Entrance as stated by NZQA:
A minimum of 42 credits at level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework including a minimum of:
i. NCEA Level 3;
ii. 14 credits each at level 3 or higher, in three approved subjects;
iii. Literacy - 10 credits at level 2 or above, made up of:
* 5 credits in reading
* 5 credits in writing
iv. Numeracy - 10 credits at level 1 or above, made up of:
* achievement standards - specific achievement standards available through a wide range of subjects, or
* unit standards - package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627 - all three required).

Admission to the programme shall be granted or withheld upon consideration of these criteria together with a satisfactory selection interview in which some evidence of self-efficacy, resilience and a commitment to social justice and social change has been established.
2. Mature age admission will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Selection Panel who will evaluate the applicant's degree of fit with criteria 1 above and evidence of likely success in study at this level.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The purpose of this programme is to produce passionate social and community workers who follow the call in Micah 6:8 to do justice through walking in partnership with individuals, families, communities and systems to uphold human rights and enhance dignity, well-being, liberation and working towards change; to love mercy through compassionate, accepting, truth-speaking support; and to walk humbly with their God through wise, competent, self-aware, ethical, relational, reflexive and solution-finding practice; in short, who increase the net amount of shalom in the world.

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Human Welfare Studies and Services at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study


Employment rate two years after study

Data as at November 2022

Contact details

Main Campus Office

Phone: (07) 562 2902
Fax: (07) 579 1882

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