New Zealand Certificate in Mines Rescue

Te Pukenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology

Subject area

Mining and Resources Engineering


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Entry requirements

Candidates entering programmes leading towards this qualification must have previously met the minimum competency requirements for mine workers in accordance with the Health and Safety in Employment (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2013.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the mining industry with people who have the knowledge, skills and experience to undertake responsibilities in mines rescue operations as a mines rescue team member.

This qualification is targeted at skilled and experienced miners/operators, typically with at least two years' of relevant industry experience or similar relevant skills. Learners will typically be employed within a surface or underground mining workplace, and will have previously completed the proficiency or induction training required to be a mines rescue trainee team member.

Learners will benefit by having a qualification which recognises skills and knowledge in emergency preparedness and mines rescue to enable improved job performance and a credential to enhance employment opportunities.

Organisations will benefit by having people with the skills and knowledge to undertake planning, emergency preparedness and mines rescue operations in the event of an emergency.

Graduates will operate under broad guidance within the structured hierarchy of mines rescue activities.
The strands recognise the specialist skills and knowledge required to operate as a mines rescue team member in either the surface or underground sectors of the mining industry. Underground mining can include mining or tunnelling.

The optional strand includes the supervision of a mines rescue team

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Process and Resources Engineering at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study

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Data as at November 2022

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