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Pacific International Hotel Management School Limited

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1.5 Years

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About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The aim of the Master of Hotel Management programme is to enhance students' abilities to a) Manage job related activities at operational levels such as food and beverage, front office, housekeeping, materials management, b) Interact and deal effectively with employees, guests, peers and superiors, c) Undertake project development and conduct needs analyses and feasibility studies, d) Visualise long term goals for the property, e) Assist in new product and services development, f) Conceptualise multifarious problems and provide appropriate solutions, g) Develop and formulate strategic concepts in relation to all available resources and the company's objectives, h) Conceptualise the structure and nature of the hospitality industry in a national and international context, i) Display professional attitudes in developing and maintaining effective interpersonal skills, j) Develop quality standards in service delivery in the hospitality industry and design evaluation methodologies to maintain these standards, k) Develop policies and procedures to evaluate technical competencies in the major areas of the hospitality industry, l) Manage computer based management and information systems for financial control, budget and planning, materials management, marketing, sales and personnel, m) Promote and market the activities within a hospitality organisation, n) Apply analytical, problem solving and creative thinking skills to manage change and to further diagnose and appraise project design, review and management, o) Organise appropriate productivity evaluators which will produce pre determined profit levels to the organisation, and p) Promote moral and ethical guidelines relevant to management roles. The Master of Hotel Management programme will produce graduates who will be able to 1) Formulate a research proposal, critically review the relevant literature, gather and analyse appropriate data, and present results and recommendations in a professional manner in both written and oral forms, 2) Reflect on the foundations of good management and leadership, and relate academic and operational learning to implement the requirements of a supervisory role, 3) Apply key accounting performance indicators with an understanding of the outcomes of these components and what they mean to the hospitality manger, 4) Critically evaluate the impact of hospitality and contemporary tourism marketing on a hospitality enterprise, 5) Evaluate Human Resources Management practices and synthesise strategies to improve company employee relations and productivity, 6) Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, and co workers at various levels, 7) Either evaluate all aspects of food and beverage management with the view to maximize guest satisfaction and financial returns, develop strategies and integrate food and beverage into the wider hotel operation or develop strategies both operationally and technically to optimize the utilization of Rooms Division resources, customer satisfaction and reduction of risk. As required by NZQA (see Appendix 7), the programme and individual courses have been designed to ensure that graduates will demonstrate the outcomes of a Master's degree, namely, a) Show evidence of advanced knowledge about a specialist field of enquiry or professional practice, b) Engage in rigorous intellectual analysis, criticism and problem solving, c) Demonstrate mastery of sophisticated theoretical subject matter, d) Evaluate critically the finding and discussions in the literature, e) Work independently and apply knowledge to new situations, f) Research, analyse and argue from evidence.

Key Information for Students

Entry Requirements

Minimum requirements

Applicants require a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in business, management or a related hospitality area, with at least a B- grade average at level 7 (or higher). Degrees in other disciplines may be considered if the applicant has at least three years' relevant hospitality experience at a supervisory level, or equivalent. In addition, applicants for whom English is not their first language require an IELTS score of 6.5, or equivalent.

Detailed requirements

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1.5 Years

Tuition Fees

Annual Total qualification
Student fees
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$7,885 $11,828
Government tuition subsidy
(what the government pays)
$5,254 $7,882
Total $13,140 $19,710

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