Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


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Entry requirements

Candidates are required to have:University Entrance (UE) or equivalent is the minimum requirement to enter the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) programme. To qualify for entry candidates need NCEA Level 3 comprised of 60 credits at NCEA Level 3 or above and 20 credits at NCEA Level 2 or above,
OR a relevant level 4 qualifiction
OR Equivalent

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The Wintec Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme differs in several ways from those currently offered in Aotearoa New Zealand. A key aim of this programme, which is strongly linked to the results of an extensive consultation process with industry, is to develop work-ready physiotherapists, equipped to meet the needs of communities across the Midland region, in particular rural and remote communities. Furthermore, we aim to adhere to the nationally mandated aim of the New Zealand Physiotherapy Board, and industry-identified requirement to increase the number of Māori and Pasifika physiotherapists in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is our belief that all practicing physiotherapists in this country should be culturally competent and confident in working with whānau. To achieve these aims, Wintec will implement a recruitment strategy that will support Māori and Pasifika students to enter the programme and has developed a programme that supports the development of practitioners who are well equipped to work with whānau.
Another aim of our programme is to develop physiotherapists who are competent in interprofessional practice by offering comprehensive and authentic interprofessional teaching and learning and assessment opportunities. This programme has multiple streams of health science students taught the same content together in a classroom. Interprofessional teaching and learning incorporates activities where students from different disciplines learn together about and from each other so each gains appreciation and understanding of other disciplines and professions and how they can work together for the best outcome for the client .
The Wintec programme also differs from those currently offered in its mode of delivery. Wintec's degree is to be offered in flexible mode and content will be delivered in block courses on campus supported by online learning activities in a blended learning approach. Online and face to face learning will follow flipped classroom principles, so that underpinning knowledge is delivered online and then applied practically or theoretically in the physiotherapy contexts in face to face classroom sessions to consolidate knowledge and skills. This mode of delivery will support students to be able to continue to live in their own community without the requirement to relocate to study. Clinical practice can also be undertaken close to home and students will be encouraged to find a physiotherapist mentor to assist them in their studies; bringing them closer to the physiotherapy community in their local area and to facilitate students and graduates into their local workforce

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Rehabilitation Therapies at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study


Employment rate two years after study

Data as at November 2022

Contact details

Main Campus Office

Free phone: 0800 444 204
Phone: (0800) 294 6832
Fax: (07) 838 0707

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