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Bachelor in Jewellery Design and Technology

Whitecliffe College

Subject area

Jewellery Making

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Entry requirements

Entry to this programme is limited to domestic students only. Learners are required to hold one of the following qualifications, or equivalent knowledge, skills and experience. * Meet the NCEA Level 3 entry requirements, or provide evidence of achievement at an equivalent level, OR * Other equivalent education; OR * Appropriate work experience in the wider jewellery industry (Interview required); AND Learners may also be required to complete an audition prior to enrolment. This will be a two-day process to assess learners interest and suitability before commitment is made by the student.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

Bachelor in Jewellery Design and Technology is designed to deliver an industry aligned adaptive curriculum, to develop creative stimulus, innovation, ethics and originality. The purpose of this qualification is to provide the sector with qualified jewellery manufacturing professionals who have specialist knowledge and skills required to be a goldsmith, with relevance to the Aotearoa New Zealand cultural context. It will also equip students to bring a cultural responsiveness to their Goldsmithing practice in the Aotearoa context.
The qualification is intended for learners who want to work in the wider jewellery industry and for those who want to build on their own relevant experience and gain or be recognised for specialist knowledge and skills in a self-employed/freelance role.

The community will benefit through the provision of accessible, quality services provided by skilled and qualified Goldsmiths who complement and support other professionals who make up the jewellery industry workforce.

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Contact details

Main Campus Office

Phone: (9) 309 5970
Fax: (09) 302 2957

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