Master of Applied Technologies

Manukau Institute of Technology Ltd

Subject area

Information Systems not elsewhere classified

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Entry requirements

Academic requirements: To be admitted to this programme an applicant must meet the following requirements: Applicants must have one of the following, or equivalent: For direct entry into the final applied research project: 1. Bachelor Honours Degree in a relevant discipline 2. Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant discipline For entry into the MAT by coursework and applied research project: 3. A recognised bachelor degree in a relevant discipline, with merit achievement, deemed to be an average grade of B or higher in all final-year courses . Candidates with a B- or better average grade may be admitted to the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Technology, and may be allowed to continue to the applied research project upon attaining an average grade of B or better. OR a professional qualification in a relevant discipline, recognised as being equivalent to merit achievement in a bachelor degree and documentary evidence of outcomes in the discipline work environment to demonstrate an ability to perform in the programme and commit to achieving its outcomes, including recommendations from employers or professional colleagues. Interview Requirements: N/A English Language Requirements: Applicants must have sufficient competence in the English language to undertake this programme, which is taught and assessed in English. International students: English Language Entry Requirements For the minimum English language requirements refer to the requirements set out in the NZQF Programme and Accreditation Rules Selection Criteria: Applicants will be selected in order of successful application Exceptions to entry: An applicant may be considered for special admission if they have: * An undergraduate degree in an unrelated discipline, with merit achievement, and have a minimum of two years' appropriate work experience that is relevant to the aims of this qualification; OR * A graduate diploma qualification in the same or similar discipline, with a B grade average or better, and has a minimum of two years' appropriate work experience. A grade average of B- will allow entry to the Postgraduate Diploma, with entry to the Master's Degree upon completion with a B grade average.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The purpose of this qualification is to provide Aotearoa New Zealand with people who: Apply advanced technical and theoretical knowledge to analyse real-world complex problems. Are able to create a range of effective digital solutions inside chosen fields (such as data analytics or cyber security) and provide insightful interpretations of solution outputs. Embody the skills, knowledge and attributes of a specialist contributing to the chosen applied profession, including ethical conduct. Have direct impact on performance of digital solutions to enhance output in the real-world scenario, through project based learning, and managing their own and others' learning. Independently research, develop and apply highly specialised new skills to emerging problems Have critical awareness of the issues in the field of practice enhance career progression/professional development, as well as contributing to the chosen special field, e.g. data analytics/cyber security

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Information Systems at this level can earn:


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Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

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