Cosmetic Lasers and Intense Light Source Therapies (Micro-credential)

Evolution School of Beauty, Massage & Spa

Subject area

Beauty Therapy


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Entry requirements

Entry to this Micro credential is open to individuals who are:
- 18+ years of age;
- committed to succeed in the IPL & Laser cosmetic or medical industry;
- graduates of one of these qualifications or able to meet one of the experience requirements:
- a Level 4 Beauty Therapy qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (Learner must complete the pre-enrolment interview)
- Level 5 New Zealand Diploma of Beauty Therapy or equivalent;
- employed in the tattoo industry, possess a minimum of 12 months' full-time industry experience, and can supply a letter from their employer
supporting their enrolment in the micro-credential.
- 12 months experience working in a health care related sector, and have evidence of successfully completing learning at a tertiary level such
as university or polytechnic credentials.

If English is a second language the learner must complete the pre-enrolment interview including LLN assessment.

All Learners must have access to internet via a device such as a mobile telephone or computer/ipad to access online learning materials, and be able to complete the practical aspects of this micro-credential at the NZLT Institute facility based in West Auckland.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The aim of this micro-credential is to provide learners with specialised IPL and Cosmetic Laser
skills and knowledge to critically lead, manage, analyse and evaluate clients' needs and manage
specialised IPL and Laser therapy treatments relating to Hair Removal , Skin Rejuvenation and Tattoo
Removal services in a professional and safe manner (to include compliance with relevant legal,
insurance, health, safety and hygiene obligations).

Contact details

Main Campus Office

Phone: (09) 438 6583

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