Whakawhanaungatanga - Rapport 101, Communication for Practitioners and Educators (Microcredential)

Eastern Institute of Technology Ltd

Subject area

Verbal Communication


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Entry requirements

Successful candidates will have * a Level 7 qualification in the fields of health and wellbeing or education OR * equivalent work place experience and training, and evidence that satisfies the Head of School of their ability to successfully complete the programme. Successful candidates will have access to a relevant context (e.g. clinical, educational, social services, other helping environments).

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The purpose of this micro-credential is to develop participants' knowledge, rapport-building skills and attitudes in active listening and attending. This micro-credential will meet a need for counsellors and educators to establish stronger rapport with clients and learners. This will in turn help clients and learners achieve their goals in a range of mental, physical and emotional health contexts, as well as cross-cultural and interpersonal contexts.

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