ADAS SSBA 50m Offshore Supervisor Trainee (Micro-credential)

Omne Marine Training Centre Limited

Subject area

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Entry requirements

* Either a current* ADAS Occupational Deep SSBA Diver certificate or an approved equivalent with 100 logged SSBA dives between 30-50m and 75 hours of bottom time gained over at least 24 months with a broad range of conditions including zero/limited visibility, salt and fresh water, currents and varied sea states, decompression diving, hot water suits and a broad range of tools;
* A valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued, after examination, by a doctor trained and experienced in underwater medicine, that remains valid until the scheduled completion of the training;
* Either a recognised current Diver Medic Technician certificate, or a current First Aid certificate from an ADAS accredited training organisation, or a recognised equivalent, certified within 3 years of the scheduled training completion and with CPR and oxygen resuscitation skills that have been refreshed within 12 months of the scheduled training completion;
* Understand written and verbal communications in English and communicate effectively in English with other persons (this requirement will be evidenced by successful completion of the ADAS LLN test required for Part 1 and 2 entry, or alternative for entry to an approved equivalent);
* Demonstrate sufficient maturity, leadership, management skills and the ability to provide support to other groups of workers**

*If the applicant's qualification has not been current for a period of five years or more, the candidate must (prior to commencing training) make application to ADAS for approval to undertake training. That application is to demonstrate the student's current competency and proficiency in the diving industry equal to or exceeding that which would be expected of a current diver to that level. Only upon receiving written confirmation from ADAS is the student to commence training.
**able to supply of a letter of suitability (using the ADAS form letter) for training as a dive supervisor provided by a diving employer. This is to confirm the candidate can demonstrate sufficient maturity, leadership, management skills and the ability to provide support to groups of other workers, and also to demonstrate sufficient operational experience over a range of diving operations, environments, tasks and equipment representative of those likely to be supervised in the future (for example surface support experience of 75 hours tending, compressor operations and maintenance, log keeping, standby diver, panel operation, air testing etc.) If the student is self-employed, the student should seek evidence from alternative sources within the community who can provide credible evidence of the applicant's level of maturity, leadership capability and management skills. If any doubt exists to the suitability of the applicant, the matter would be referred to ADAS.
In the case of active Australian or New Zealand Defence Force and Police personnel and in accordance with AS/NZS 2815.5, the prerequisite dive and bottom time requirements do not apply. In these cases OMTC are required to obtain a letter from the relevant organisation recommending the individual for assessment and verifying their suitability.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The purpose of this two-week micro-credential is to build on occupational diving certification through training and assessment of the theory, background knowledge and practical skills for safe and competent on-site dive supervision and management, paying specific attention to occupational
health and safety law, hazard ID and risk assessment and management of dive emergencies. The course includes assessment of the planning and supervision of actual or simulated dives and communication with actual dive teams. It may lead to further training supervisor training.

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Phone: (09) 486 1448

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