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Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

Whitecliffe College

Subject area

Information Systems not elsewhere classified

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Entry requirements

To enter the Postgraduate Diploma in IT programme candidates will:
* have been awarded or qualified for a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (or equivalent) achieved with a B average in the final year, or a Bachelor Honours Degree in Information Technology (or equivalent) OR
* have been awarded a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (or equivalent) followed by relevant professional experience OR
* have demonstrated equivalent practical, professional and/or scholarly experience.

Qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology
Qualifications awarded at the same level as an Information Technology Bachelors or Bachelor's Honours Degree are deemed equivalent if two of the following subjects have been studied to an advanced level: Software development; Web development; Network engineering; Information systems security.

Evidence for equivalent practical, professional and/or scholarly experience
Candidates applying for entry without an acceptable academic qualification will need to show how their informal learning aligns with the learning outcomes for a degree in Information Technology (IT). A graduate of a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology is able to
* Demonstrate intellectual independence, critical thinking and analytic rigour
* Engage in self-directed learning.
* Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to the ideas, principles, concepts, research methods and problem-solving techniques of major IT subjects.
* Demonstrate the skills needed to acquire, understand and assess information from
a range of sources
* Demonstrate communication and collaborative skills.

As a guide, the above outcomes could be expected to be achieved after a minimum of 4 years of professional-level work experience (paid or unpaid), or through a combination of pre-degree education and professional-level work. Professional-level work is characterised by:
* The ability to use independent judgement and discretion in performing work duties.
* A level of specialized knowledge in the IT field with some authority for decision-making.
* In-depth work requirements, such as data gathering, analysis and interpretation.
* Interaction with a broad range of individuals, including key staff.
* Individual accountability for results.

Entry at the Discretion of the Head of School
* Candidates applying for entry will be required to submit evidence that they meet the entry requirements for the programme.
* Candidates will be offered entry to the programme at the discretion of the Head of the School of Information Technology.
Applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide satisfactory evidence of proficiency in the English language, such as a minimum score of 625 on the TOEFL test, or 6.5 on the IELTS. International students are required to meet the minimum English language requirements for this level programme as detailed on the following NZQA webpages: and

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The aim of the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology is to enable graduates to gain a higher-level qualification to extend specialised knowledge, skills and expertise, and meet industry needs through increased relevance in critical fields of IT.

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Information Systems at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study


Employment rate two years after study

Data as at November 2022

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Contact details

Main Campus Office

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Fax: (09) 302 2957

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