Cybersecurity for IT Administrators (Micro-credential) (Level 5)

New Zealand Skills and Education College

Subject area

Information Systems not elsewhere classified


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Entry requirements

To ensure students' success in this course, the following entry requirements will apply.
All students are required to:
? hold a Certificate in ICT level 4 or above; or
? Cybersecurity for Information Technology Operations [micro-credential] (Level 4)
? have a minimum of one year work experience with computer network technology, information security or related experience; or
? have knowledge of TCP/IP networking protocols, network equipment, and operating systems installation and maintenance; or possess equivalent knowledge and skills.

In addition to the above requirements:
? International [onshore]?applicants must hold the relevant valid visa to visit, study and/or work in New Zealand. Check the New Zealand Immigration website for further details.
? International applicants must have proof that, within the last 2 years, they have gained English language skills equivalent to IELTS level 5.5 or equivalent.
? International [offshore] applicants are not required to hold a visa or insurance.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The aim of this course is to provide students the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for industry certification within an IT context. Students will learn about common cybersecurity threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, and the security solutions an organisation will require. Students will gain knowledge of appropriate incident responses, governance, risk management, and compliance requirements in an enterprise environment.

The target learner market will be both international and domestic students. These will be people such as career changers who are upskilling to gain the required knowledge and skills in cybersecurity to protect a range of organisations from cyber-attacks, security threats and vulnerabilities. Graduates will be well prepared to pathway into higher studies and/or to complete industry certifications in cyber security.

Contact details

Main Campus Office

Phone: (09) 827 6100
Fax: (09) 827 2660

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