Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Massey University

Subject area

Quality Management

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Entry requirements

A Bachelors degree with a major in Supply Chain Management or equivalent, with a minimum B- average over the qualifying 300-level courses, and have completed at least two years of relevant professional experience; or a Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or equivalent qualification with a minimum B- average, ; or demonstrated at least five years relevant professional experience, including completion of appropriate professional qualifications or equivalent via a portfolio and an interview at the discretion of the University.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

A graduate of the PGDip in Supply Chain Management will demonstrate the following attributes and skills: Critical Analysis - Take a reflective, evaluative approach to critically analyse a problem context, current norms, methodologies and potential solutions. Systems Thinking - Take a holistic approach to framing problems, evaluate interface trade-offs and consider cause and effects throughout an entire system. Analytical Modelling - Demonstrate numerical proficiency in scenario modelling. Demonstrate competency in a range of financial and operational analytical techniques to maximise value provision. Commercial Context - Apply best practice techniques and skills to commercial problems. Life-Long Learning - Continually develop intellectual skills and knowledge through experience and life-long learning. Communication - Use effective communication skills to convincingly facilitate understanding and improvement in a range of organisational, technical and social contexts. Teamwork - Develop a collaborative approach when working with a range of stakeholders and team members in order to build consensus and find acceptable compromises. Logical Arguments - Construct logical arguments based on sound reasoning to solve organisational problems.

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Business and Management at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study


Employment rate two years after study

Data as at November 2021

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