Engaging with family/whānau

There are six areas that schools can work on to improve engagement with family/whānau, and in turn influence learners' career education.

1. Parenting

Two parents talk in a playground

Keep parents and whānau in the loop about their young person's learning

Help families and whānau establish a home environment that is conducive to learning.


Help parents gain the skills and knowledge they need to support their young people's career goals and aspirations – for example, by holding parent evenings.

2. Communicating

Communicate effectively with parents and whānau about school programmes and learner progress. Encourage two-way communication.


Let parents and whānau know about the options available to their young people in school and post-school, and invite face-to-face discussion of these options.

3. Volunteering

Improve recruitment, training and activities to involve parents, whānau and community members in school activities and programmes.


Encourage family members to act as mentors and role models for learners across a range of occupations.

4. Learning at home

Involve parents and whānau with their young person's homework, goal-setting and other curriculum-related activities.


Encourage parents and whānau to participate in career events inside and outside of school. Provide information to parents and whānau to help them talk to their young people about their career ideas, plans and dreams.

5. Decision making

Include family and whānau in school decision making, governance and advocacy activities through the board of trustees, school committees, parent organisations, consultation, etc.


Include career education in the school charter/strategic plan. Ask parents and whānau to comment on the design and delivery of career education and guidance programmes.

6. Collaborating with the community

Co-ordinate resources and services with community groups, including businesses, agencies, cultural organisations, and training institutions.


Provide community groups and organisations with information on career options within the community.

Updated 15 Jul 2024