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  • Surveyor | Kairūri


    Surveyors plan, direct and conduct survey work to determine the position of boundaries, locations, topographic features and built structures.

  • Textile Process Operator | Kaimahi Kaka-aku


    Textile process operators carry out a variety of tasks in the production of materials such as fabric, canvas, yarn and carpet.

  • Counsellor | Kaitohutohu


    Counsellors help people to deal with their feelings and responses, solve problems and create change in their lives.

  • Chemical Production Operator | Kaiwhakamahi Whakaputa Matū


    Chemical production operators perform a variety of tasks involved in producing toiletries or pharmaceutical products, including ointments, creams, aerosols, tablets, capsules, bandages and vaccines.

  • Chiropractor | Kaikorohiti


    Chiropractors help people reach and maintain good health and wellbeing through the care of the spine and nervous system. Chiropractors adjust the spine to correct nerve, muscle and joint disorders.

  • Trainer | Kaiwhakangungu/Kaiwhakaako


    Trainers plan and provide practical training courses for employees of businesses, government and other organisations. They teach a subject area they have experience and expertise in.

  • Diver | Kairukuruku


    Divers work underwater and may develop and maintain commercial structures, carry out marine searches and rescues, instruct dive students, do biosecurity work, and gather seafood.

  • Telecommunications Engineer | Mataaro Whitiwhiti Kōrero


    Telecommunications engineers design, test and build telecommunications networks and systems.

  • Pharmacist | Taka Rongoā


    Pharmacists prepare, mix and dispense prescribed medicines. They also give patients advice about their medication and medical conditions.

  • Quantity Surveyor | Kairūri Utu Hanga Whare


    Quantity surveyors manage finances for construction projects. They calculate budgets based on clients' requirements, and prepare detailed estimates to ensure budgets are sufficient for each stage of construction.