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  • Manufacturing | Whakanao

    Manufacturing jobs may be for you if you are interested in:

    • wood, metals, textiles, chemicals or other materials
    • making or processing food or beverages
    • using technology to develop and monitor production
    • working with your hands
    • managing and planning production.

  • Law | Ture

    This industry may be for you if you are interested in:

    • New Zealand legislation and regulations
    • the New Zealand legal system and court procedures
    • preparing arguments and public speaking
    • researching, analysing and interpreting information.

  • Hair and Beauty | Te Makawe me te Whakapaipai

    Hair and beauty may be for you if you are interested in:

    • hair and make-up trends and styles
    • beauty and massage treatments
    • body art
    • understanding the body’s anatomy, and hair, skin and nail types
    • using artistic and design skills
    • working with people and customer service.

  • Forensic Scientist | Kaipūtaiao Taihara


    Forensic scientists apply scientific knowledge and skills to investigating crimes and helping the police find or eliminate crime suspects. They may also do research into developing or improving forensic techniques.

  • How to enable JavaScript

    Find out how to enable JavaScript so you can use our interactive tools.

  • Careers 11

    Careers 11 ­is a trial career education teaching resource for use with students in Year 11.  It consists of three modules that build career competencies relevant to students at this age and stage of development.

  • Why myths and legends?

    Storytelling is an enjoyable and entertaining way to pass on values and lessons. Learn more about why myths and legends can be useful in the classroom.

  • Rona and the Moon/Ko Rona me te Marama

    A plot summary of the legend Rona and the Moon, as well as links to the full story and classroom activities.

  • The magic of myths

    Myths and legends are a rich and relevant resource that can be utilised in many career development contexts, says Claire Stirling-Hawkins, practice leader and conference presenter.

  • Write a career development plan

    This step-by-step guide can help career teams or career development specialists come up with a plan to integrate career development throughout their schools.