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Kaitiaki Rawhi Whakaaturanga

Zookeepers care for animals in zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums.

Job opportunities

Zookeepers with one to six years' experience usually earn
$33K-$50K per year

Zookeepers with more than six years' experience usually earn
$45K-$80K per year

Pet Groomer

Kaiwhakapaipai Mōkai

Pet groomers care for and groom animals in salons, mobile grooming vans, pet shops or homes.

Job opportunities

Pet groomers usually earn
$16-$24 per hour

Horse Trainer

Kaiwhakapakari Hōiho

Horse trainers train horses for racing, and are responsible for their care at a stable or race track.

Job opportunities

Pay for horse trainers varies depending on their ability, experience, and level of success.

Veterinary Nurse

Tapuhi Kararehe

Veterinary nurses help in the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals. They also interact with clients and perform receptionist duties.

Job opportunities

Veterinary nurses with up to three years' experience usually earn
$16-$18 per hour

Veterinary nurses with five years' experience or more usually earn
$21-$26 per hour