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Editors plan, commission, evaluate, select, edit and organise material for publication in books, magazines, newspapers, videos or online, and oversee its production. They may also manage editorial staff.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Editorial assistants usually earn
$35K-$40K per year

Senior editors usually earn
$60K-$90K per year


Kaituhi Pukapuka

Authors write stories, scripts, poems or plays for publication or production, to entertain and inform people.

Job opportunities

How much an author earns depends largely on the success of their works.

Technical Writer

Kaitito Hangarau

Technical writers create content for printed and online media, such as user guides, manuals, intranet and website pages, and present it in a way that can be easily accessed and understood.

Job opportunities

New technical writers usually earn
$45K-$60K per year

Technical writers with one to four years' experience usually earn
$60K-$100K per year


Kairīpoata Pepa

Journalists research and produce stories for print, radio, television, websites and other forms of media for social and commercial purposes.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Journalists usually earn
$30K-$75K per year