A migrant work-ready programme from the Tertiary Education Commission

Help for migrants struggling to find a job in New Zealand

Work Connect helps eligible migrants prepare for the New Zealand job market. It runs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch – and online by webinar.

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Work Connect is funded by Immigration New Zealand.

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How to get interviews

If you’re applying for lots of jobs but not getting any interviews, your CV may not be the right style for New Zealand employers.

The Work Connect programme provides a step-by-step guide on how to improve your CV and cover letter, and how to change them for each job application.

How to get job offers

If you’re getting interviews but not job offers, you may not be providing employers with the information they need in your interview.

The Work Connect programme provides comprehensive coaching on how to prepare for a New Zealand job interview.

How to find a job in New Zealand that uses your skills and knowledge

If you’re not finding a job in New Zealand that uses your skills and knowledge, you may need to expand your job hunting strategy.

The Work Connect programme provides information about how the New Zealand job market works, how it is different from other countries, and how to present your skills and knowledge to New Zealand employers.

Work Connect and Pacific Work Connect resources 

Downloadable resources to help with your job search.

Plus resources to promote Work Connect and Pacific Work Connect in your community.


Get expert advice from our Work Connect consultants

Finding and applying for a job in your industry in New Zealand
Writing a CV and cover letter that will impress New Zealand employers
Securing interviews and making a good impression with New Zealand employers
Finding information on what to expect in a New Zealand workplace

Before you apply

Who can apply

Skilled migrants, partners and adult children of skilled migrants and international student graduates (Level 7 and above) looking for work. We have extended the eligibility criteria so please check your eligibility:

How the programme works

The programme includes 10 hours of workshops and individual personalised coaching delivered from Monday to Friday in office hours. After hours and Saturday sessions are offered on request at the discretion of the consultant.

What you need to do

There will be a range of dates to choose from to complete the programme within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Work Connect privacy

Find out how we collect and look after your information when you sign up to the Work Connect programme.

Your career consultant can answer questions or explain anything you’re unsure of.