Pacific Work Connect

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Pacific Work Connect is a free service to help eligible Pacific migrants become job-ready in the Aotearoa New Zealand job market.

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What is Pacific Work Connect?

Pacific Work Connect is a free programme to get you on the right career path.

Our Pacific career consultants can help get you ready for work in New Zealand through workshops and one-to-one coaching.

It’s available to eligible Pacific migrants anywhere in New Zealand.

Pacific Work Connect videos

Meet Shala, a Pacific Work Connect consultant who recently migrated from Samoa – 0.30 seconds

When I first arrived I already graduated and I had a little over five years of work experience. I applied to a lot of roles here and I never got shortlisted. Now that I'm working directly with clients, I can 100% relate to what they're going through. We can help you with your career journey, your CV, your cover letters, just get you prepared for the New Zealand job market.

Meet Lomekina, who completed the Pacific Work Connect programme – 0.30 seconds

Coming here, to New Zealand, is very challenging and finding job is very difficult. I spent nearly two years finding a job with a Bachelor of Business. Pacific Work Connect is really helpful, helping us, preparing their CV, cover letters, helping with the interviews. And it is a free service and then they are successful they get a job, their dream job.

What you learn in Pacific Work Connect

Pacific Work Connect participants learn about:

  • skills and talents
  • job opportunities
  • how to look and apply for jobs that match your skills
  • how to be confident when talking to employers
  • and more.

Who can take part in Pacific Work Connect

To be eligible for Pacific Work Connect, you must be:

  • aged 16–65
  • from a Pacific nation
  • living in New Zealand for 10 years or less.

You must also hold:

  • a Samoan Quota Visa, or
  • a Pacific Access Category Visa (PAC) from Fiji, Tuvalu, Tonga or Kiribati, or
  • NZ citizenship from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue, or
  • a Work Visa and be a partner or adult child (aged 16–24) of a Samoan Quota Visa or Pacific Access Category Visa (PAC) holder, or
  • a Skilled Migrant Visa, or
  • a Work Visa and be a partner or adult child (aged 16–24) of a Skilled Migrant Visa holder, or
  • a Student Visa and be studying at Level 7 or above, and working on a PhD, or in your last six months of study, or
  • a Work Visa and be the partner of a student, studying at Level 7 or above, or
  • Principal Migrant status and be in postgraduate study after completing a Level 7 qualification in New Zealand, or
  • New Zealand residency or citizenship.

Talanoa with our Pacific team

Pacific Work Connect resources

Find Pacific Work Connect resources to help with your job search.

Find organisations that can support your move to New Zealand.

Find resources to promote Pacific Work Connect.

Other information

Your privacy

Pacific Work Connect consultants can answer your questions about privacy.

Pacific Work Connect is funded by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples

Updated 10 Oct 2023