API frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Careers New Zealand API.

What is an ANZSCO code?

ANZSCO is the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. It is a multi-level way of classifying occupations that includes additional detail at each level of coding. By using ANZSCO codes Careers New Zealand can make use of official occupation statistics that use ANZSCO as a framework.

Careers New Zealand usually uses the fourth level of ANZSCO coding (four digit), but where it results in a grouping that is too broad, we use the fifth level ANZSCO code (six digit). Note that when a level four ANZSCO code is used in the API, two zeros are added to the end of the code.

Some jobs in the API will not have an ANZSCO code. This occurs when the official classification does not reflect how the Careers New Zealand audience understands a job, or when a job is a new and emerging role. 

What is a job code?

A job code is a unique identifying code assigned to each job – it has no functional purpose beyond identification. These codes are defined by Careers New Zealand. 

Why filter the data?

Using parameters you can restrict your query to locate the data that you require. 

Why would I use the industry controller to get all the jobs in one industry instead of filtering by job?

Filtering by industry retrieves a list of jobs in that industry along with the associated job and ANZSCO codes for each. You can then use this list to pull dynamic job information from that industry.

Updated 14 Apr 2023