How to use the API – industry

Find out how to retrieve data from industry pages using the Careers New Zealand API.

How to get data

Retrieve data from the industry section of the API by setting the section field to ‘IndustryPage’:

  • This query will return the first 100 industries.

How to filter by industry

To restrict your query to a specific industry, you can filter using the unique industry title or, in most cases, ANZSCO code. For example:

How to filter content items

An industry pages query can also be restricted by item. There are four relevant content items that make up the industry information.

You can filter by item, as defined in table 2 below, using a question mark in the query string. For example:

Table 2 – Industry content items





Name of the industry

Infrastructure industry


Māori translation of the industry name (macrons will be parsed)

Whakahaerenga Hanga


Summary of the type of activities that work in the industry usually involves

Infrastructure jobs may be for you if you are interested in:

  • planning and designing large projects

  • interpreting and following diagrams and plans

  • using technical, mechanical or engineering skills

  • using practical skills, including working with your hands, tools or heavy machinery.


Summary paragraph of the useful school subjects associated with the industry

Useful subjects for this industry include English, maths, sciences and technology at NCEA Level 2 for entry into trades training.

For entrance to engineering degrees, maths and sciences are usually the required NCEA Level 3 subjects, and the exact requirements may vary depending on the type of engineering discipline.

Updated 20 Dec 2018