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One day I had a dream... and work experience got me one step closer

Porchers Marsters

Porchers Marsters’ dynamic video application of how she’d love to help the next generation build a better future won her a day’s work experience with Robett Hollis, an entrepreneurial giant in the media, tech and startup world.

How to make your CV stand out in a sea of online job applications

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Technology has taken the job search online. We take a look at how you can take advantage of technology and tailor your application to get your CV to the top of the pile. 

Seasonal jobs for the New Zealand summer (Part 1)

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With summer just around the corner, there are a range of seasonal jobs cropping up.

Seasonal jobs for the New Zealand summer (Part 2)

Young woman kayaking

Welcome to Part 2 of our summer jobs series, where we’ll talk about three more popular summer job options.

Learners don't have to sacrifice summer for a seasonal job

QA Newsletter Graphic

Continuing our Q & A series - answering questions from parents about their young person's work and learning choices.

Show employers that to get the job, you want to learn

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Changes in technology are rapid these days, so a willingness to learn and adapt is what employers need from new hires.

Top tips to prepare for a successful job interview

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If a new job is on the cards for you this year, doing some groundwork will set you up for success. Planning is particularly important for the interview process.

Live, laugh, share – volunteer

A mother and child hold a bucket on the street as they collect for the SPCA

Volunteering creates positive change in our society and is also good for developing your skills and exploring job possibilities.

Resilience skills top of employers' wish list for new hires

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Strong resilience skills are good for business.

How to convince employers you’re a team player

Employability skills 2

Tips to convince employers you're a team player so your CV won't get overlooked.