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My daughter needs to plan her gap year

Green QA

Continuing our Q & A series – answering questions from parents about their young person's work and learning choices.

Top 10 jobs of 2019

Infographic with text that says Top jobs of 2019

Check out the 10 jobs we predict will be in demand in 2019.

What were the job trends of 2018?

Infographic with text that says 2018 in review

Explore job trends, check out which jobs are in shortage, and find out the most popular jobs on this year.

Career planning helps prepare for the future of work

Person standing and looking at their shadow on the ground

Career guidance at school can help young people prepare for a changing workforce.

If your young person is interested in building and construction myBCITO can help

New digital portal myBCITO helps young people get into the booming building and construction industry. 


Role models can inspire good career decisions

Tamoko Ormsby

People doing work they love make good role models. Here’s how to find inspiring role models for your young person.

Toolkit: Preparing for work


Your toolkit to help your young person prepare to leave school and go to work.

Toolkit: Preparing for study

Woman sits at a table writing

Your toolkit to help your young person prepare for tertiary study.

Toolkit: Preparing for life


Your toolkit to help your young person prepare for life away from home.

Motivating your young person to choose a career

Two young men chatting as they walk together

How do you motivate your young person to explore careers when they don't seem interested? Here's how to get them started.